Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Urban Bourbon Trail: Because it's not day-drinking if you are working towards a goal.

Louisville, Kentucky has a lot going for it. If you are fan of baseball bats, boxing or Bourbon, you're in luck. I hear there is also some minor event for horse racing fans but why ruin perfectly good alliteration. Of the available options, the one that really catches my fancy is boxing. It was the only sport my father was into so, growing up, fight nights were a big deal at my house. That is why on my first visit to Louisville (pronounced as if you are in the act of hurling...Lou-uh-vul), I spent the entire day at the Mohammed Ali Center, completely enthralled. The museum is fantastic! It does a spectacular job capturing his life, not only as an athlete but also as someone willing to risk it all for his beliefs. On my most recent visit, I had hoped to go back but was thwarted by one small problem. It was Monday and the museum was closed.

That left me with the other three to choose from. Horse racing- or more realistically- going to Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is run to see a museum on horse racing sounds like the opposite of fun to me. Ditto on going to the Louisville Slugger plant to watch bats being made (although it does sound slightly more interesting than watching an actual baseball game). So this left bourbon. I don't really drink it but there were two tour options that sounded intriguing enough. The first is a bus tour that takes you to a number of distilleries where I imagine you spend a lot of time sampling whiskey and hearing about wood barrels and rye. The other is a more of a do it yourself approach.