Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yabba Dabba Abu Dhabi. Or what to do when you are Ku-waiting on a flight.

Early last week, I had simple plans. I was going to take a job-related flight to Athens, spend the night, eat some olives, drink some raki and continue on the next morning to Heraklion to do more of the same. These were plans I was perfectly content with and which I entertained up until the moment I arrived, bags packed, boarding passes in hand at the starting point for this journey, Miami International Airport.

It was here that I was claimed as yet one more victim of the ash cloud of 2010. Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport was one of the few European airports still receiving and dispatching flights, but Delta Airlines, in what appeared to be a fit of frustration, threw up their hands and declared "Fuck it! No flights to anywhere in Europe. Period."

Thus began my unexpected detour through the Middle East, in an ultimately successful attempt to eventually reach European shores.

We were quickly routed to New York's JFK, where we boarded a direct flight to that lesser known Emirate, Abu Dhabi. It happened so quickly, I wasn't even able to try and contact my UAE friends (sorry Sans and MAI east folks, this is what happens when you are woefully unprepared for schedule changes).