Monday, March 18, 2013

The Irish (as in one Irish lady with a cello) take Bucharest

Conversation between myself and Laura, my Romanian friend, earlier this month:

Me: Guess what? I'm going to be in Bucharest for St. Patrick's. I'm bringing green stuff.
Her: What? St Patrick's?? What is that? I don't think we celebrate this day here.
Me: I think I will bring a green wig.
Her: No. This is not a thing here. Do not bring the wig.
Me: How about a shamrock tiara? I saw it at Target. I'll bring you the tiara and we will drink green beer.
Her: Green beer?! Huh? No, we do not have green beer here. And don't bring the tiara.
Me: Do you think there will be a parade?
Her: Why would we have a parade? We have no Irish people here.