Monday, May 2, 2016

Nine things I learned about La Paz

1. There is only one La Paz in all of Bolivia.

This one came as a shocker. I had boarded an 8pm bus from Uyuni-La Paz and was set to arrive twelve hours later, at 8am. Yet, it was 4am and I had been woken up and asked to get off the bus. It was a local bus, which makes a couple of stops so obviously there was a misunderstanding.

Me: No, I'm going to La Paz
Driver: This is La Paz
Me: (looking at my watch, then at my cell phone, confirming it is in fact 4am and thinking I may have gotten on the wrong bus). Is there another La Paz?
Driver: (getting a little exasperated) No, this is the only La Paz.
Me: (confused and certain that if I get off the bus, I will be stuck in the off-brand city of La Pez) Are you sure? I'm not supposed to be in La Paz for 4 more hours.
Driver: SeƱora, there was no traffic. We are early. There is only one La Paz in all of Bolivia. Please, you need to get off this bus.