Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Year, New Adventures, Old Trees

This year, 2013, I have vowed to myself to be more adventurous than the one prior.  This is not an unusual resolution for me.  Like any good addict, I always long for more, more, more.  But this year, I can totally see myself besting the one that preceded it.  In 2012, I bought a condo.  I had a wonderful time converting it from a beige land of blah to a multi-hued place that I now call home, but in the interim I found myself more drawn to websites devoted to decor and design than to those touting the latest hostels.

Now, I am ready to revert my old wandering self.  So where to start?  What exciting destination should I head to first? Well, let's see I have a couple of days off in Oakland.  Of course, I will be going across the bay to San Francisco, but that is terrain that I have covered often.  Yosemite?  Too far. Wine country?  Not so much fun when you are driving. How about the Muir Woods?  I have never been, it is only 45 minutes away and there are some big ass trees.