Friday, January 27, 2017

Viva la Resistance

I began this blog as a way of documenting my wanderings and sharing with friends my experiences traveling around this wonderful globe. As such, this was never intended as a place to discuss politics or current affairs. However. The country where I was born, whose passport I must show when entering foreign lands has gone ahead and elected a boorish, mentally unsound geriatric prone to childish temper tantrums. Or let me clarify, a bunch of racist self-defeating fools who happen to live in states whose "electoral votes" are grievously over-represented voted in this global nightmare. (Note: For me the line between racists and those who don't identify as racists but were wholly undisturbed by the racist statements that defined his campaign is too fine to matter. They are racists just the same). The majority of us, nearly 66 million voters, did not vote for this dumbass.

I am disgusted. I am outraged. With every passing day and every small-minded tweet, I am more embarrassed by the actions of this vulgar, self-serving con artist. So when I heard about the protests planned for the day after the inauguration, I knew this was something I needed to be a part of.  I grabbed my knitting needles and started churning out pink pussyhats for friends marching throughout the country. I would not be going to DC. I was there for the last two inaugurations, memories that I will always cherish and that I refuse to taint with this sad spectacle. Also, I fucking hate the cold. I mean, I'll endure it to be there to see President Obama sworn in (twice) but for Cheetolini? Fuhgeddaboudit!!